written by Dennis Liu, illustrated by Jason Piperberg

  • PREMISE: Nicole, raises her 7 year old son, Dion, who has superpowers. Life was hard enough keeping up with the bills, let alone trying to keep track of her son’s invisibility, plasma powers, and telekinesis. In order to study his progress, Nicole films her son 24/7 with the help of her friend, Pat, who is an aspiring filmmaker. But when Nicole starts to notice mysterious men tailing her, and with Dion’s developing abilities constantly changing and becoming more powerful and possibly evil, she must find the courage deep within herself that she can raise Dion on her own.

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written & directed by                  DENNIS LIU

produced by                                      RAVEN JENSEN

associate produced by             JON TRUEI

starring                                                   UPENDA MORTON

                                                                      NYRI HAYWOOD

                                                                      JAMES CLARK

biona agents                                      GEROGE SCHRODER, ALDOUS DAVIDSON, 


visual effects by                              GRAFX CO.

visual effects sup                           LIAM KIRTLEY

music by                                                PAKK HUI

color by                                                  JOSH KANUCK

sound design by                              ERIC HOFFMAN


cinematography by                      DAVID VOLLRATH

assistant camera                           REBECCA RAJADNYA

art direction by                                CLAIRE HART

art asst.                                                  MONICA WISE

children's book                                MARIKO YAMASHIN      

storyboard artist                          DAVID KOH                             


gaffer                                                       BILL HILFERTY

grip                                                            BRYAN KELLEY, DEVIN CREMER

special FX sup                                 JOSHUA DEPEW

sound                                                     CATHERINE HOOD


production assistants                TAL VARDI, SIMON DAVIS, STEVEN BRICKHOUSE, DEVIN CREMER



Our screeners, our families, Marie Iida, Sydney Hanson, Everyone at RADICAL MEDIA, Outpost Digital. Iggy the floating dog. 

And Nyri's incredible mom... Tamara!